I am a committed researcher and AI enthusiast. I received my degree in Software Engineering from South China University of Technology in 2022. Currently, I’m pursuing a Master of Philosophy in the Thrust of Artificial Intelligence at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) supervised By Prof. Hui Xiong and Junwei Liang.

My research interests lie in the intersection of gesture-based understanding, perception and human-machine collaboration based on language. Previously, I interned at Tencent AI Lab, working on sign language translation in collaboration with Xing Wang and Wenxiang Jiao. Currently, I’m part of the Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction Group at HKUST-GZ, focusing on multimodal human-computer interaction and collaboration, in partnership with PhD candidate Weiyu Guo.

Moving forward, I aim to make a significant impact by applying Language Model Learning (LLM) in various domains (LLM for X), like for human-machine collaboration. I envision a future where AI is not just seamlessly integrated into our lives, but also interacts with us in a real-time and autonomous manner.

I am currently exploring potential opportunities for internships and PhD positions.


Spatial-Temporal Alignment Network for Action Recognition
Jinhui Ye, Junwei Liang
Preprint 2023. [arxiv]
Cross-modality Data Augmentation for End-to-End Sign Language Translation
Jinhui Ye, Wenxiang Jiao, Xing Wang, Zhaopeng Tu, Hui Xiong
Preprint 2023. [arxiv] [code]
Scaling Back-Translation with Domain Text Generation for Sign Language Gloss Translation
Jinhui Ye, Wenxiang Jiao, Xing Wang, Zhaopeng Tu
EACL 2023. [paper] [code]
Aspect-Opinion Correlation Aware and Knowledge-Expansion Few Shot Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification
Haopeng Ren, Yi Cai, Yushi Zeng, Jinhui Ye, Ho-fung Leung, Qing Li
TAC 2022. [paper] [code]


• Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis in SCUT
• National Scholarship in China